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Mar 23 2017

New Book on Couples With Mixed HIV Status

Hello all,

A NEW BOOK has been published on couples with mixed HIV status titled: “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Couples with Mixed HIV Status: Beyond Positive/Negative”.

Today an activist woman living with HIV sent me the link to this long overdue book. Recently, the issue of relationships within couples with mixed cultural background has dramatically increased with globalisation and open markets. However, this issue gets a lot more complicated when mixed HIV status is thrown in.

I am thrilled that such a book is now available to help us understand the interaction or the relationship between culture, affection, gender, illness and biomedicine in relation to HIV.

The authors Asha Persson and Shana D. Hughes said that this book “will appeal to a broad audience working across the fields of HIV, health, gender, sexuality, development, and human rights.”

You can find a preview of the book here. If you are interested in writing a blog about your experiences and thoughts about this book, please let us know! Send us a message here.

Practice Manager, PEACE & MOSAIC, Relationships Australia South Australia

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