Women’s HIV Clinic

The Women’s HIV Clinic is located at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and staffed by a specialist Sexual Health physician, with expertise in HIV care and management, and an HIV specialist nurse.

How We Can Help Women Living With HIV

The clinic offers a range of sexual health services to women living with HIV, including HIV care and treatment, STI testing, STI treatment, pap smears, fertility screening, pre-conception counselling and contraception.

The clinic offers pre-conception counselling and pregnancy planning for women who are HIV positive or negative and in relationships where one or both partners are HIV positive. We offer fertility screening and, if necessary, referrals to specialist fertility services.

The team understands that for many women living with HIV, discussions around fertility, pregnancy and or relationships can raise many feelings and emotions. Consequently, during your consultation there will be a counsellor available from Women’s Health.

If you wish to be seen at the Women’s HIV Clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, please ask your doctor to refer you, or visit Clinic 275 for a referral.